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The Book

JUNE GEMINI is a sci-fi novel written & illustrated by KOFA.

On the anniversary of his father’s passing, June gets in trouble at school when his best friend betrays him, but all he can think about is the beautiful girl from the train. Then the unimaginable happens. A record-setting earthquake rattles New York the exact moment a tsunami and snowstorm devastate the entire Southern Californian coast. Yeah, not one of his better days.

During the aftermath, June develops supernatural abilities that result in excruciating pain when pushed to their limits. A deadly display of this power brings him to CURE, a mega med-tech corporation founded by Dr. Charles Risk. When others like June emerge, Risk vows to help them control and understand their gifts. But things are not as they seem when Risk’s intentions become clear and June discovers the origin of the disasters share a celestial connection with his subway crush.

As his powers continue to evolve, June is faced with a terrifying choice that will forever change his life and decide the fate of all humanity.

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